Quick answers

We've collected just a few of the most commonly asked questions here. People hardly have questions, as signing up is completely free, and it's much easier just to open a free account and check inside.

What is Startbucks?

Startbucks is a unique business platform created by a group of web entrepreneurs and developers. It is dedicated to help people start their own white-label web agency/design business.
It's a business in a box from where we build a professional business website to comprehensive guidance to jump start this business, from marketing methods implementation to scale up for more revenue stream.
No technical skills or any experience required, as long as you are willing to take action and follow simple instructions, you can start your real online business from today!

I'm a newbie/fresh, can I still do it?

Absolutely yes! We have full instructions inside to help you jump-start very quickly.
No special skills or experience required on your end, as long as you can send/reply email, it's good to go. As we are doing all the technical stuff in the backend as well as providing ongoing support whenever you need.

Do you cover marketing/promotion?

Another YES! As one of the most important phases, we never leave you alone. All proven tested free methods are revealed inside the premium membership area, both online and offline, which are free to implement and suitable for both newbies and experienced people.
You won't have any trouble getting your targeted prospects.

How much money can I make?

We never spam you to claim $10K per month like other businesses. On the very conservative side, it's fairly easy to make 2k-3k per month with minimum efforts for a newbie.
While the real potential is way over than that, as each customer will be your repeated lead source, and you will grow your own customer asset while building the business along the way.

What is the investment required?

Your only investment is a domain name($10) and hosting account(few bucks per month), which is the very basic investment for all kinds of online business. Step by step instructions are provided regarding business ideas/domain/hosting.. etc.

How much time do I need to run this business?

Generally speaking, one to two hours a day will be more than enough.
In addition, it doesn't matter where you are, or what time is it, you can set your own working hour for ultimate flexibility.

As an affiliate, how often do I receive payment?

We provide 75% commission to all our members, both free and premium.
All affiliates commission are issued in a monthly cycle, and will be released between 14th and 16th of each month accordingly.
For affiliates that perform well, we are more than glad to upgrade your withdraw cycle to fortnight or weekly.

What is the payment gateway for affiliates?

At this point, all affiliate commission will be paid out via paypal.

Do you offer support?

Absolutely YES! Live chat support is available between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.
If you have any questions or suggestion, you can also send us a message at your convenience.

Still need help? Get in touch with our support team.